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Wave Assistive Systems

Applying technology to empower individuals

We are:

  • SI - System Integrators
  • VAR - Value Added Resellers
  • OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturers

Wave Assistive Systems incorporate developing technologies to create new capabilities for people with disabilities. The process of this research and development is to:

  • Recognize converging opportunities
  • Research the component parts
  • Design the integrated hardware and software solution
  • Assemble and test prototypes
  • Verify and enhance the assistive capabilities
  • Revise and retest
  • Assemble, integrate and test the working system
  • Deliver, train and monitor
  • Provide an Assistive Suitability Warranty
  • Upgrade, repair or replace as needed
  • Support the user
Custom Wave Systems Computers

We assemble our own Wave Systems brand of computers from the highest quality industry-standard components. This gives us the flexibility to offer any combination of elements and easily replace them as needed to enhance compatibility, reliability and performance. Because industry-standard parts are supplied by the widest range of manufacturers, they are lower priced and available much longer than proprietary parts.

Main Brand Systems
  • Screen Readers
  • Screen Magnification
  • Scanning/Reading
  • Daisy Readers
  • Braille Translation
  • Voice Recognition
  • Tutorials
Contact us by email or Toll-Free: 866-339-1180