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Database management systems (often abbreviated as DBMS) provide tools for working with structured information. DBMS programs allow you to define the data structures that store information; enter, edit, and delete information; search for specific data items; work with subsets of the data based on a variety of criteria; perform calculations and store, view, or print the results; and carry out regular maintenance tasks such as archiving old data.

RL & Associates can provide you with these powerful data solutions.

Software Development

There are times when existing programs are insufficient to accomplish a needed task. Find out how RL & Associates can modify existing applications or write programs from scratch. More Software Development Info >

Web Applications and Design

425 Market Street websiteYour online presence is an important first impression for your potential clients, so visual appeal as well as well organized information is key. RL & Associates provides custom website design solutions to meet your organization's needs. Web Gallery >

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