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Assistive Technology

RL & Associates, Inc. provides assistive technology systems for people with varying degrees of disabilities. Our primary area is systems for people who are blind or low vision. We also provide systems for people who additionally need accommodation for deafness or mobility impairments. Our systems can be configured to communicate by:

  • Talk (speech output)
  • Listening (speech recognition)
  • Touch (specialized keyboards)
  • Feel (Braille and other tactile output devices)

We design our Wave Assistive Systems to meet the needs of specific individuals.

Since we also develop applications and software and provide network support, we ensure that systems integrate into the widest range of situations that the current technology will allow.

We provide complete solutions from the design, hardware, software, configuration, customization, installation, training and ongoing support and repair. As authorized resellers, we stay current with both pre-released and released versions of hardware and software products. We utilize dealer information, Integrator and VAR training sessions and priority technical support. This facilitates our continuous monitoring of changes that effect compatibility.

Because we know what changes manufacturers are planning, we have time to test compatibility, to anticipate the effects and side effects of pending changes. Thus we are in a good position to incorporate new technologies and design new innovative solutions.

Our assistive solutions cover:

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Blind and Low-Vision Resources

Contact us by email or Toll-Free: 866-339-1180