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RL & Associates uses components from leading manufacturers including:


RL & Associates, Inc. is authorized to sell most computer hardware. These are the building blocks of the networks we provide and support.

Wave Systems

New hardware creates new advantages only when incorporated correctly. We build our own brand of custom Wave Systems computers. Wave Systems computers are distingushed by:

  • Highest quality components — at lowest trade prices
  • Newest components are carefully evaluated for stability, longevity
  • RL-tested for stability and easy user setup
  • Proven RL support at many option levels, including free
Dealing with "newer, faster"

We stay current with changes on the component level which helps us evaluate other brands of computers. These changes “in the box” to chip sets, hard drive types, cables, fans, optical drives, input devices, processors and the like have a significant effect on quality, durability, compatibility and obsolescence.

Contact us by email or toll-free at 866-339-1180