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Network Services

On-site network services are available in the San Francisco Bay Area. Internet and phone-based services are generally available. Our services include:

  • Consulting: We consult on a wide range of topics involving computer networks and work with many consultants in related areas.
  • Initial Meeting: If after an initial phone call we think we can be of assistance, we typically schedule an on-site meeting. This gives us a chance to meet, do an initial site survey and find out what services a prospective client is looking for. We do not charge for this meeting.
  • Site Survey: Assess the status of an existing system or network configuration.
  • Design: Design systems to meet client needs. We incorporate simplicity, redundancy, stability and flexibility.
  • Research: Determine and evaluate new leading-edge solutions.
  • Decision Assistance: Review proposals and compare various solutions.
  • System Integration: Customize hardware and software to fulfill the design.
  • Delivery and Setup: Ship or install on-site ourselves.
  • Configuration: On-site, in-shop, via the Internet and assistance over the phone.
  • System Administration: We can add backup support for an existing administrator or include full administration in our service.
  • Training: Provide individual or group sessions.
  • History and Log Research: Determine when and why something happened.
  • Diagnosis: Identify the sources of problems and estimate repair costs.
  • Repair: Performed in our shop, at your site or arranged with a manufacturer.
  • Pro-active Maintenance: Prevent problems with routine maintenance.
  • Ongoing Support: Both scheduled and as needed.
  • After Hours Support: Available if you need system maintenance outside of regular business hours to minimize downtime.
  • Emergency Support: We have technicians on call at all times for our regular clients 24x7.
  • Service Agreements: We offer many types of service agreements and can construct them to provide various levels of support.
  • Business Web presence: Setup domain and email addresses.
  • Business Continuity: Remote and alternate site setup and planning.


Contact us by email or toll-free at 866-339-1180