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Code Factory Mobile Magnifier Pocket

Today there are a number of devices that are essential in our daily communications with family, friends and work partners. Mobile phones and Pocket PC’s based on the Windows Mobile platform are becoming extremely popular, but the small size of the text and images displayed on the screen make it extremely difficult for the visually impaired to use them effectively. In order to meet the needs of low-vision users Code Factory has developed Mobile Magnifier Pocket.

Mobile Magnifier Pocket is the first full-screen screen magnification application for PDA’s and Smartphones (Smartphone version coming soon). It enlarges and enhances all items of the display, automatically detecting and magnifying the areas of interest as the user navigates through the device’s user interface.

Mobile Magnifier Pocket is currently available in English and will soon be available also in other languages like German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Czech, Hebrew and Arabic.

Product Highlights

Mobile Magnifier Pocket is the first full-screen magnification software for Windows Mobile-based devices and allows low vision users to:

  • Use full-screen magnification to access the device.
  • Enlarge and enhance visibility of all items displayed on the screen.
  • Select different zoom levels from 1.5X up to 16X.
  • See the magnified area of interest automatically detected while navigating through the device’s user interface.
  • Manually zoom in with a lense-like focus on any part of the display.
  • Explore the magnified screen through automatic text panning.
  • Switch between several layouts of magnification windows that show different areas of interest on the screen.
  • Enable font and graphic smoothing.
  • Choose from several color schemes to suit your preference.
  • Easily access and customize magnifier settings from anywhere in the Windows Mobile interface.

For a complete list of supported Pocket PCs, please refer to the Code Factory compatibility list.

To purchase, contact us by email or Toll-Free: 866-339-1180.